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Always accepting new patients. Same day emergency appointments. Direct billing to your insurance. We have you covered.

Our brand new modern dental office is located in Woodstock, Ontario. We have the latest technology offerings and are committed to comprehensive patient care. We know the importance of oral health can’t be underestimated. We’ve seen first hand with COVID-19 how things can change in an instant. Oral health problems have steadily increased given the many lockdowns and stay at home orders we’ve encountered. We are here for you! If you’re in need of a dentist in Woodstock, or if you’re suffering from a broken tooth or a dental infection, we’ve got you covered with same day emergency appointments. 

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Woodstock Dentist

Dr. Raman Kukreja

Dr. Woodstock graduated from a University. They then went on to complete Dental School. Their passion is cars and enjoying nature. His favorite thing to do is go kayaking in the Grand River.

Woodstock Dentist

Dr. Woodstock Dentist

Dr. North graduated from McMaster University in 2008. He then went on to complete his dental school at McGill University. After graduating in 2012, he completed a 1 year residency program at the University of British Columbia..

Woodstock Dentist

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Meet our friendly receptionist. She will keep your oral health in top condition by being managing your appointment needs.

Woodstock Dentist

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Dental Assitant

This is our talented dental assistant. She's sure to welcome you with her warm smile and friendly nature.